Accelerating Discovery Through Academic-Industry Partnerships

Industry partnerships provide an important channel for the translation of research to societal impact. In FY 2020, Pitt faculty partnered with 375 different companies on research projects totaling more than $40 million. From basic research to clinical trials, Pitt innovators are building new partnerships every day that help advance their research goals.

Innovation is a team sport, and Pitt’s Office of Industry and Economic Partnerships (OIEP) is charged with supporting Pitt faculty in the development and growth of industry research collaborations.

Key functions of the office include:

  • Building relationships with companies that have research interests aligned to the University
  • Identifying partnering opportunities for faculty
  • Helping structure collaborations with companies
  • Building partnering strategies around specific research programs
  • Growing opportunities for commercialization via external investment in Pitt-related startup companies.

OIEP support is available to faculty across campus. To learn more about how you can work with OIEP to advance your industry partnering goals, please visit the new OIEP website or send us an email


The redesigned OIEP website highlights the partnership support available for both industry and faculty, including a page that lists current research funding opportunities. We look forward to helping you find the right partnership to advance your research or commercialize your innovation.

Industry members are also invited to contact us to learn how to collaborate with our world renown faculty and talented students.