5 Ways the Big Idea Center Can Boost Your Resume

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The Big Idea Center is an on-campus, inclusive innovation catalyst that develops a unique skillset valuable not only to those wishing to become an entrepreneur themselves, but also to those who are looking for a corporate job and simply want to boost their resume! Here are the top five reasons how we can make your resume stand out, no matter what your student level, course of study, or career goals may be.

1. Professional Networking

Throughout the year we offer chances to interact and network with industry professionals throughout the city of Pittsburgh and beyond!


2. Experiential Learning Opportunities

Even if you are not interested in entrepreneurship as a career, working on an project with us through one of our competitions or workshops will allow you to engage with the process of idea and business development within an interactive, supportive, and risk-free environment.


3. Mentorship and Coaching

At the Big Idea Center, we host a team of entrepreneurs in residence (EIRs) who dedicate their time to students for the sole purpose of student career and idea development. Our EIRs have decades of combined experience in various fields such as startup creation and technology development.


4. Development of a Well-Rounded Skillset

In order to build an idea from the ground up, you will need to become an individual (or team!) with knowledge in business, team building, project management, and beyond. Our free programming will assist you in honing in these required skills without the stress of adding yet another load of course credits to your already busy schedule.


5. Exposure to Content Designed to Inspire and Educate

The Big Idea Center hosts exclusive programming that is not offered by any other Pitt school or department. In the past, we have facilitated panels showcasing entrepreneurs from minority groups, success stories of Pitt alumni, as well as creators who are working to make the world a better place. Hearing from these individuals or teams will allow you to have a greater understanding of the professional world, inluding its trials and tribulations.



Our main goal at the Big Idea Center is student success throughout their time at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond. The definition of “success” is different for everyone, but we are confident that we can be a valuable resource to you no matter what your long-term goals may be. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events soon!