Get to Know Josie Stein '24, Big Idea Center Student Marketing Assistant



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We have a new face on the Big Idea Center team! We are excited to introduce Josie Stein, our first-ever Student Marketing Assistant! In this newly created role, Josie will help support our center's marketing efforts as we rapidly expand our services and offerings. Get to know more about Josie in this fun Q&A blog article!

  • Tell us about yourself! What’s your background?
    • I grew up in Rockville, MD and went to a small high school with about 80 kids in my graduating class. Arriving at Pitt in 2020, I joined Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and began working with Hillel on campus, and I am still involved in these today. I am a junior majoring in marketing with a certificate in digital media and am particularly interested in pursuing potential careers in these fields.


  • Why did you choose marketing as your major?
    • I was involved in clubs and youth groups in high school that allowed members to gain leadership positions within the group structure, and I always gravitated towards and sought out social media, marketing, and outreach roles. I have always had a broad variety of interests, but business and marketing felt like a middle point between these, and Pitt offered everything I wanted as an overall school and business program.


  • What are you looking forward to while working at the Big Idea Center?
    • I cannot wait to engage with students and the Pitt community through creating and assisting with marketing and promotional materials and programs. I hope to apply the skills I’ve gained over the past two years and through my marketing internship over the summer to this role as Student Marketing Assistant and learn more on the job to bolster my experiences.

 Josie Pitt Football Game

  • What are your favorite things about Pitt?
    • I appreciate Pitt’s walkability every day! I also love our campus culture and all the opportunities on campus, as well as all the amazing food available around town. Game days have been the highlight of my semester for sure!



  • Do you have any hobbies?
    • I play acoustic guitar and enjoy anything artistic. I will run around with any dog, and you can also find me at any local karaoke event.


  • What’s your favorite emoji?
    • The tongue-out/silly eyes face!

  • Fun facts about you:
    • I got a black belt in karate when I was 11.
    • I did an internship program in Tel Aviv this past summer where I did social media for a DJ and CEO of a record label.
    • I have a Bichon Frise named Bella.

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