Name, Image, Likeness: A Slam-Dunk for College “Athletepreneurs” - Jamie Wood (DSAS '26)

On July 1st, 2021, the NCAA approved an interim name, image, and likeness (NIL), allowing all NCAA D1, D2, and D3 student-athletes to be compensated for their NIL, opening the floodgates to a brand-new era of athlete marketing and brand recognition for these athletes. Prior to the policy change, stringent rules were in place that made it nearly impossible for NCAA athletes to profit off of their status as a college athlete, a notorious example being the 2017 case of former UCF kicker Donald De Le Haye, who was stripped of his athletic scholarship and potential NFL career after the NCAA claimed his monetized YouTube channel, Deestroying, was in violation of these prior rules. Given the NIL opportunities college athletes have now however, it is not farfetched to say that Donald would be proud.

Failing Forward: My Entrepreneurship Journey - Avi Moses (CBA '24)

It took Sir James Dyson 5,126 failed vacuum designs before he could assemble one working vacuum. Now, we see the Dyson brand in our households with over 1 billion in revenue. At the age of 22, Walt Disney was fired from his job working at a newspaper company because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Thomas Edison had over 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before the first lightbulb was created. Nikola Tesla thought his idea of a "Thought Camera" was his next lifetime achievement, but it failed and the project collapsed. Although I started the blog listing failures from history's most decorated inventors in a very cheesy way, even the greatest innovators fail. These revolutionary innovators failed before inventing life-changing products and services. Currently, I am a rising senior majoring in Supply Chain and Marketing as well as the co-founder and CEO of Greatings. I would like to share my experiences of failing as well as learning in the entrepreneurship world and how it has driven me to continue my passion. 

Beyond Cultural Exchange: An International Exchange Student's Pursuit of Innovation at Pitt - Noeline Hequet (CBA '23)

August 12th, 2022 was the day I left home in France without knowing when I would be coming back. This was the hardest day of my entire life. Saying goodbye to everybody, moving to a place I knew nothing about, being 18, alone, and in a country where I did not speak the language (I mean, my level of mastery wasn’t the same)...this was frightening! Even though I was so sad, I will always remember that feeling of freedom. I wish everybody could feel it at least once. After a very long journey, I finally got to Pittsburgh.    

Breaking Grad: Reflecting on Starting my Solo Business During Lockdown as Graduation Nears - Sai Govindaraju '23

I’d like to think of myself as creative, outgoing, and motivated – one word I would not use to describe myself is patient. Like a lot of freshmen in college, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I first came to Pitt. I came in pre-med and ended up as a business student, and when I transferred into CBA at the beginning of my sophomore year, I knew I would be behind other sophomores who were already in CBA. Impatient in nature, I knew that I didn’t want to wait to learn business skills in the classroom and decided to use my quarantine hobby as a tool to develop business acumen on my own.

Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just for Adults: How Pitt Student Innovators are Inspiring Young Minds to Think Creatively

Entrepreneurship is not just for adults; even young children can learn about it and be inspired to think creatively. Recently, the Big Idea Center collaborated with the Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship to bring in two successful Pitt student entrepreneurs, Anna Li and Joe Maggiore, to speak with elementary students about their experiences with entrepreneurship.

Creating a Greener Campus for Pitt Students by Pitt Students: Pitt's Student Office of Sustainability - Christy Kim '24

Hi there! My name is Christy Kim, and I am a junior studying environmental studies and economics here at Pitt. Along with my academic studies, I have had the pleasure of being the Program Associate for Social Media and Communications for Pitt’s Student Office of Sustainability (or SOOS, for short). The SOOS has given me the opportunity to connect with like-minded students who are passionate about environmental issues, and it was through the SOOS that I met some of my greatest friends and coworkers.  

Creating Ripples of Sustainable Change - Sydney Shoff, Founder of Sol Refill

My journey.  Many people in my family own small businesses, my father, my mother, my grandfathers, my grandmothers, and my cousins, for example. I've always admired the creativity and drive of business owners, and growing up I knew I would want to have my own someday. In the past decade, my career path has shown me the ins and outs of small business. I've worn many, many hats—from creating visual retail displays to marketing to project management. Meanwhile, I began teaching yoga, which nurtured a deep care for helping people live with more awareness and connection and today I am also the co-owner of Inspirit, an online space to engage with other curious humans to deepen and expand the ripple effect of yoga. 

What Clock Do You Want to be a Part Of? My Venture for America Entrepreneurial Fellow Experience - Micah Headley (CBA '22)

 While I was in college, I did everything imaginable to stay away from a corporate career. The junior-year-internship-with-a-large-firm to senior-year-job-offer pipeline always struck me as the quickest path to my soul being crushed. Just by participating in the process, I felt guaranteed to fade into a state of middle management comatose. In hopes of avoiding that, I worked almost entirely with small businesses and community organizations while at Pitt. I wanted to have complete control over my professional life, and that was how I decided to do it.

Lessons for Innovation from 25 Years at the Coal Face - Peter Allen, Pitt Innovation Institute's Executive Director of Innovation & Strategy

What you will read below is a collection of opinions and (hopefully) practical suggestions. If you're looking for referenced materials, I guess you should look elsewhere, but if you're interested in picking up some pointers or discovering something that makes you realize that you're treading in the footsteps of others, then I suggest that you read on. NOTE: in some of the answers, I exaggerate for effect - that is deliberate. I wanted to create a contrast frame that would make you sit up and really think...

Taking Dreams Into my Own Hands - Hannah Beil '25

If there is one word to describe me, as a student, an entrepreneur, a family member, a friend, and everything in between, it would be that I am a dreamer. Dedicated to my studies as a marketing, supply chain, and business information systems major at the University of Pittsburgh, I am passionate about acquiring all of the necessary skills needed in the business world to apply to my future endeavors. For as long as I can recall, my dad has imprinted the genuine fact that having general skills in your toolbox will propel you through any job or task you come across. Learning about how to market a business properly through data analytics to understand how to code an official website is all relevant to my current business I started a little over two years ago now.