Pitt Innovators Issued 11 Patents in January 2022

Pitt innovators were issued 11 U.S. patents in January 2022.

Featured patent: 11,214,560 “Modulators of p97 AAA Atpase Activity”

Inhibition of p97 ATPase, a molecular cleanup mechanism, triggers downstream cellular effects, including the suppression of cellular proliferation that makes cancer such a dangerous disease. Pitt innovators led by Donna Huryn, Professor of Pharmaceutical Science, and Peter Wipf, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Chemistry, along with colleagues at Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania, have discovered p97 inhibitors that may lead to new treatments for cancer and possibly also neurodegeneration and genetic disorders involving p97 mutations.

For more information on this technology, including licensing, contact Maria Vanegas at mvanegas@innovation.pitt.edu.

Below is a listing of all patents issued to Pitt innovators in January 2022.


Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager        Status
11,214,779 Activatable CRISPR/Cas9 for Spatial and Temporal Control of Genome Editing   James Hemphill; Erin Borchardt; Aravind Asokan; Alexander Deiters   Andrew Remes   Available for licensing
11,213,258 Variable Index for Determining Patient Status   Ata Kaynar; Michael Schnetz   Janice Panza   Available for licensing
11,213,545 ECM Hydrogel for Treating Esophageal Inflammation   Lindsey Saldin; Stephen Badylak; Juan Gutierrez   Alex Ducruet   Licensed
11,214,560 Modulators of P97 AAA Atpase Activity   Donna Huryn; Peter Wipf; Matthew LaPorte   Maria Vanegas   Available for licensing
11,213,482 SARS-COV-2 Subunit Vaccine and Microneedle Array Delivery System   Andrea Gambotto; Eun Kim; Louis Falo   Maria Vanegas   Available for licensing
11,219,659 Anti-Psychotic Composition and Treatment Methods   Kadiamada Chengappa; Dean Salisbury   Andrew Remes   Available for licensing
11,220,703 Fluorometric and Colorimetric Quantification Techniques with Autonomously and Reversibly Stalling Catalytic Signal Amplification   Kazunori Koide; Matthew Tracey; Christopher Welch; Xiaodong Bu; Junyong Jo   George Coulston   Available for licensing
11,219,640 Inorganic Nitrite to Improve Cardiopulmonary Hemodynamics   Edwin Parsley; Mark Gladwin; Hunter Champion   Maria Vanegas   Licensed
11,224,685 Self-Regulating Device for Modulating Inflammation   Yoram Vodovotz; Alexey Solovyev; David Okonkwo; Maxim Vyacheslavovich; Qi Mi; Jorg Gerlach; Gregory Constantine   Maria Vanegas   Available for licensing
11,229,676 Methods and Compositions for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Renal Injury and Renal Failure   John Kellum Jr.; Paul McPherson   Alex Ducruet   Available for licensing
11,230,775 Non-Noble Metal Based Electro-Catalyst Compositions for Proton Exchange Membrane Based Water Electrolysis and Methods of Making   Prashant Kumta; Karan Kadakia; Moni Datta; Oleg Velikokhatnyi; Prashanth Hanumantha   Janice Panza   Available for licensing